Fun Science Activity Book - Water Cycle by Myrna Martin

Fun Activity Book - Water Cycle

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The easy water activities in Myrna Martin’s Water Cycle book are an introduction to the properties of water.  This activity book contains 15 mini-lessons.

Children learn that when water is frozen solid it floats on water when it is a liquid. They learn that icebergs contain ice that floats beneath the surface of the ocean. They learn that you can create melodies by using different amounts of water in bottles. These are just a few of the things they learn in our Water Cycle Activity book.

Many of the easy water activities in our Water Cycle book are fun for students of all ages. Students will enjoy seeing how uncooked eggs can float depending on when the density of water is changed. Here are some of the titles of the activities in our Water Cycle book: Floating Clippies, Great Ice Cube Race, Water Towers, What the Volume, Floaters and Sinkers, Penny Drop, and Water Beads.

Preschoolers will love creating water melodies, picking up an ice cube with a toothpick, and finding out what happens when an ice cube melts in a cup of oil. Another fun activity for preschoolers is to discover why some cans of soda pop float and some will sink.

Students learn about surface tension, water pressure, the expansion and contraction of water when it freezes and thaws. Included with each activity there is information in a section called Science behind the activity. This section is designed for older students and adults.

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