Fun Science Activity Book - Volcanoes by Myrna Martin

Fun Activity Book - Volcanoes

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The volcano activities in our textbook are an introduction to volcanoes found worldwide.  Our activity book contains 15 mini-lessons. Children learn how cinder cones form, why hot lava flows further than cold lava, and how the Hawaiian Islands are made of thin layers of lava and pumice rocks which contain gas bubble holes.

Examples of some of the fun activities in the book include creating a dough volcano, making a popcorn cinder cone, coloring obsidian and cooking frothy rock cookies.

The activities can be done by students of all ages. Some of the activities including Layered Volcanoes and Frothy Rock Cookies will need to be done with adult supervision.

The materials for each of the activities in this book are usually found around the home or in a classroom. The author’s goal was to create an activity book about volcanoes with activities that were easy to do with a minimum of materials that young children could do while learning about science.

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