Fun Science Activity Book -  Rocks & Minerals by Myrna Martin

Fun Activity Book - Rocks and Minerals

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This activity book about Rock & Mineral science contains 15 mini-lessons. Activities include Salt on a Stick, Granite Rock Cookies, Cave in a Cup, Sedimentary Sandwich, Sandy Rocks and Bubbling Eggshells. 

Students love to explore the outdoors and bring in samples of rocks that they think are unique. In our Rock Cycle activity book they learn how to test the hardness of a rock and create their own rocks using pebbles and glue. Science is fun and exciting both for students and teachers when they combine learning with basic science concepts.

Preschool students and those in the early elementary grades love to collect rocks and create their own rock collections. They also love to decorate some of their rocks creating their very own rock art. Homeschool students can collect a river rock each fall prior to the start of school and paint their rock to keep as a keepsake. Over the years students will build their own special rock collection that will show how their interests and abilities have changed over their school years.

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