Fun Science Activity Book - Flight by Myrna Martin

Fun Activity Book - Flight

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Kids love to build paper airplanes and fly them. There are directions for creating two different paper airplanes in our Science of Flight activity book along with lots of other exciting activities. Both paper airplanes take only one sheet of paper. The directions on how to build a Stealth paper airplane is a classic lesson when teaching childrens’ science activities.

Myrna Martin’s Flight Activity Book is an introduction to how and why things can fly through the air.  It contains 15 mini-lessons suitable for all ages. Each mini-lesson in the book includes an important science concept about flying objects.

Examples of some of the fun activities in the book include Loop Airplanes, Traveling Balloons, Flying Sticks, Sunny Day Kite, Foam Flyers and Flying Polygons. 

The materials for each of the activities in this book are usually found around the home, in a classroom or at a local store. The author’s goal was to create an activity book about flight that contains activities that are easy to do with a minimum of materials.

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