Fun Science Activity eBook - Weather by Myrna Martin

Fun Activity eBook - Weather

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The activities in Myrna Martin’s Weather eBook are an introduction to weather on our planet and especially where you live. This activity book contains 15 mini-lessons suitable for all ages. Weather is constantly changing and what you do each day often depends on the type of weather outdoors where you live. This eBook is loaded with fun activities that can be completed indoors and outdoors depending on the weather.

Many of the easy ideas in our Weather eBook are fun for students of all ages. Students will enjoy seeing if air has weight.  In this easy activity with two balloons kids find out what happens when one balloon is deflated. Another fun activity is creating a solar oven with simple materials and cooking marshmallows. Here are some of the titles of the activities in our Weather book: Upside Down Air Pressure, Creating Frost, Finding Dew Point, and Simple Barometer.

Preschoolers will love doing these activities: creating wind catchers, finding out about warm and cool air, and creating rainbows.

Each activity is about a topic related to weather. Included with each activity there is information about the topic in a section called Science. This section is designed for older students and adults.

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Our downloadable fun activities eBook is in PDF format and you can be reading it within minutes. Once through the checkout, you will receive a link to your e-Book straightaway, and the link will also be emailed to you. 

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